Andalusian Tomato Gazpacho

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Andalusian Tomato Gazpacho

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Adjust Servings:
110 ml White Wine Vinegar
1 slice Garlic
200 g Cucumbers
50 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
100 g crumb Stale Bread
250 g Green Peppers
200 g Red Peppers
to taste Black Pepper
to taste Salt
65 g Red Onions
600 g Coppery Tomatoes
For the accompaniment
300 g Cucumbers
200 g Red Onions
300 g Coppery Tomatoes
40 g Crust Bread

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  • Gluten Free
  • Healty
  • Light
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • 20
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


  • For the accompaniment



The Andalusian gazpacho is one of those cold summer dishes that immediately bring to mind Spain. The gazpacho is a cold soup originally from Andalusia, the region south of Spain, famous for being also the home of Flamenco. This dish has peasant origins: thanks to its freshness, the day labourer brought it to the hot fields and consumed it as a tasty and refreshing snack. This feature is so sought after that, sometimes, it is accentuated by the addition of ice cubes during preparation. The gazpacho is one of those summer dishes that, thanks to mass tourism, have surpassed the regional reputation and surpassed the national borders to become a symbol of perfumes and flavors of a country that boasts an intriguing culinary tradition. The gazpacho has many variations and can also be served as a cocktail or as a soup accompanied by onion cubes, toasted bread, boiled egg, cucumber and tomatoes, as proposed by this recipe. You just have to try it!



To prepare the Andalusian Tomato Gazpacho, start by cutting the crust from the bread, which you put aside to then make the accompanying croutons.


Put the breadcrumbs in a bowl, pour in the water and vinegar and leave to marinate until the crumb has absorbed most of the liquids. At this point, drain it with a strainer and set aside.


Then take the tomatoes, wash them, cut them in half and remove the inside with the seeds, then peel the cucumber and cut into slices. Continue by cutting the green and red peppers, removing the inside with the seeds and cutting them into strips.
Finally, peel the red onion and the garlic clove, clean them and slice them. Pour the chopped vegetables into pieces in the mixer, add the extra virgin olive oil little by little, adjusting also salt and pepper to taste and operate the mixer until you obtain a dense, smooth and homogeneous mixture.


Take a bowl and overlap a sieve that is more or less proportioned, pour themixture and sift it with the back of a spoon, in order to remove any residues of peels or seeds.


Transfer the mixture back into the mixer and add the squeezed crumb and, if necessary, add salt, pepper or vinegar (which should be lightly felt) according to your taste. Blend again for a few seconds until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.


Now put the gazpacho in the fridge for a few hours to rest.


In the meantime, take care of the accompaniment: cut the crust of the bread that you had put aside into cubes, place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, pour a little oil and bake for 5 minutes at 200 ° until they are well golden. Meanwhile, cut the cucumber and tomato into cubes.
Once the red onion is sliced, transfer all the vegetables and the cubed toast into small bowls. At this point take the gazpacho out of the refrigerator and serve it very cold in glasses or in a deep dish, accompanied by vegetables and cubed toast!

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